Setup GitLab runner with Podman

  1. Install GitLab Runner
  2. Create a new runner from the GitLab UI.
  3. Use the authentication token from the GitLab UI to register a new runner on the machine hosting the runner. Select the Docker executor.
sudo systemctl enable --now gitlab-runner.service
sudo gitlab-runner register --url --token <TOKEN>
  1. Add the following lines to /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml for Podman:
    environment = ["FF_NETWORK_PER_BUILD=1"]
        host = "unix://run/podman/podman.sock"
        tls_verify = false
        image = ""
        privileged = true
        volumes = ["/build-repo", "/cache", "/source-repo"]
  1. Restart the gitlab-runner:
sudo gitlab-runner restart

We should now be ready to use the Podman runner.

Collected with ❤ by Jeffrey Serio

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